The420Game 2.0

In The420Game you will need to get identical symbols in a line
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Griffith Digital Multimedia

The420Game is a slot game where you will need to get identical symbols in a line.
It will show you a slot machine with five columns. You can bet your money that you will get three or more identical symbols in one of the fifteen available lines. You can bet as many money as you want for each line, the maximum bet is 20 dollars per line, a total of three hundred dollars. If you look at the symbols in the screen, you will find that most of them are psychedelic mushrooms, cannabis leaves, pot pipes, and things like these. Some of them will be wild cards, that will be included in any group, as a joker. You will get paid for any group with three or more identical symbols, including wild cards or not. You will get more money if you manage to get four or even five equal symbols in a line. When you earn a given quantity of money, the game will give you bonuses. Then, you can choose a given number of bonuses, that will give you extra spins and picks. The game will allow you to bet up to 41 dollars for each line.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • The players really do not do much. They just press the mouse over the spin after betting, and then they wait till the jackpot stops
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